Krachtig aan de Slag (Anderstaligen)

Focus on personal growth and applying skills

Are you looking for a job? With this Krachtig aan de slag training (translation: get to work powerfully) we discover your talents and qualities. During this 12 week course we explore your motivations and what kind of work you want to do. And our trainers will teach you how to present yourself powerfully. After 12 weeks you are ready to get to work powerfully: to get the job you want.

To get the job you want is a matter of practicing a lot: applying for a job, present yourself properly and writing a good letter. The most important part: be yourself in every step of the way. We help you to get there. With our experience and knowledge we help you to get around in the Netherlands and find a job.

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Personal Growth

Everyone has his own skills and qualities, but so often we forget our uniqueness. When you are looking for a job this is the most important thing to get in your mind. In this training we help you to point out your unique skills en personal assets: which are important to get the job you want.

Applying online and offline

Okay. To get a job you have to present yourself online and offline at the job market. But that can be scary: you have to show yourself. Your (hopefully) new boss want to you who you are. And you can convince him or her that you are the perfect candidate for the job. How can you do that? To prepare in every way that you can, but also relax and know that you have it all under control: you’ve got this and know that you are suited for the job. This attitude is so important when applying for a job: our trainers will help you to get there.

Veelgestelde Vragen

What am I going to learn during this training?
  • What kind of job do you want?
  • How to get to your goal?
  • Know your skillset and your flaws
  • To what kind of jobs do you apply? And are there other opportunities?
  • How to use your social media and network when you are applying?
  • Make a plan for applying at certain jobs
  • How do you present during an elevatorpitch?
  • Make or renew your profile text
  • How to write a perfect resume?
  • Practicing difficult questions during a job interview
  • Writing a good applying latter
  • Applying actively together
How long does the training take?

We expect you to come 3 half-days in one week, during consecutive 12 weeks. Together with other trainees you learn and practice. The first 7 weeks you get a lot of theory, but after that you have 5 weeks to apply and get help from the trainers and other trainees.

Where is this training?

During the coronavirus we do everything that we can to meet as much as possible in the building of Werkkracht (Molenstraat 80F in Ede, entrance at Bunschoterplein). We adhere to the corona measures based on the guidelines of the RIVM (Netherlands). But it is possible that the training is only online (Zoom) because we don’t have enough space in our office. When you register for this training, we will inform you where this training will take place.

What are the corona measures?

When you come to the office because of an appointment or training we ask you to check if you have health complaints as: a cold, coughing, loss of taste and smell or fever.

If you don’t have any of those complaints, you can come to our office. We ask you to disinfect your hands at the entrance, follow the sings on the floor and always keep 1,5 meter distance to other people.